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The Parent Handbook is updated each year and distributed to families at the beginning of the year. To view a copy, please click the button below.

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FACTS Family Portal is a private and secure parents’ portal that allows parents to see academic information specific to their children, while protecting their information from others.

The following information can be viewed online:

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Please visit our Family Portal on FACTS to sign-in or create a new account. To create an account, simply click the “Create New Family Portal Account” and register with District Code “TC-FL” and the e-mail on file with the school.

For more information, assistance with logging in or setting up an account, please contact us at 954-941-8033 or via e-mail at


What Parents are Saying

Balli Sanghera’s Story

“I am so happy we chose Trinity Christian School for our daughter Jasmine. She has grown into a compassionate, confident and an intelligent girl. It’s a small private school with a great student teacher ratio. Kids get individual attention, personal coaching and top quality education. The school emphasizes on good values among the students which is so important in early childhood development. Teachers are incredibly patient, loving and show genuine interest in every child they teach. Any complaint or any concern you have is taken seriously and addressed immediately. Jasmine is a great reader and her reading skills improved dramatically because she was encouraged and given so much opportunity to explore her talent. They celebrate every occasion with so much fun, kids love and look forward to celebrating special days like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s day, St Patrick’s day and many more. Parents are encouraged to celebrate these special moments with their kids. All the parents in this school know each other and for us that was so important. We know about the families and kids our daughter is interacting with. Its a small community of likeminded parents, teachers and very well behaved incredible children. This is the kind of environment every child in this country should grow up in. Thank you Trinity!”

Kelly Grogan’s Story | Class of 2014

“It has been a few years since my son Kaleb was at Trinity. He is now finishing his freshman year in high school at Cardinal Gibbons and so very grown up. I cannot say enough about Trinity and what a blessing it was for us. Kaleb and I still talk about his years there and how much he really misses it. I will never forget the day we found you (Mrs. Galup) and Trinity. I was a desperate mother looking for a better/safer school for my son. You met with me and had Kaleb in class at Trinity by the very next week. You made us feel so comfortable and at ease. More importantly Kaleb was comfortable and happy. I could see a difference in him from the first day. His spirit had returned and he felt like this was the place he belonged. We were very sad when it came time for Kaleb to leave for middle school but he has kept such wonderful memories and Trinity has always stayed in our hearts. At times I wish more people knew about Trinity but then I think that it would take away from this wonderful little secret. I believe Trinity finds you when you need it most. A blessing to every child and family who are fortunate enough to be a part of this wonderful school.”

The Lintzeris Family Story 

“TCS is truly a part of our family. We are so blessed to have found this school for our children where they have been given not only an amazing education, but also a deep spiritual awareness and love for God. We also know that when we drop them off each morning they are with teachers and staff who truly love our kids and care about their well-being. TCS is not only enriching their lives academically & spiritually, but also morally, which will be even more important when they are in Middle School and facing new challenges and experiences. We love our Trinity family and know that we will be part of it even after our children have grown and completed the program.”

Martinez Family Story

“From the first moment we stepped into TLC, my 3 year old son was welcomed into a safe, warm and loving environment. My fear of leaving my child in the care of strangers quickly dissipated as the staff and teachers became a second family to him. He has made lifelong friends, and intertwined his friends’ families into ours. The parents have bonded and made an extended family village to raise our children. We all vacation together, spend holidays together, volunteer together, play sports together, and learn together. Trinity is a gem, a hidden nook in LHP that we need to share and grow with families around us. My son couldn’t have had a better learning and growth experience than here. The staff, the teachers, the parents all make this the best decision for my precious boy. He’s well-rounded, well-spoken, fluent in reading, in-love with math and languages and ambitious in life, always wanting to do better, be better. What more could I want? Wish he could stay here the remainder of his middle and high school life. He will be ready for whatever life and school may put in his path. We are blessed to have been here, shared here and grown here. I recommend Trinity Learning Center, Trinity Christian School and all its staff and teachers to those parents who want more than just a good school for their kids. They will get a family and so much more.”

Clevenger Family Story

The small group setting Trinity Christian School has allowed my daughter to get the individual attention needed to succeed. Her friends from Kindergarten have grown with her through the years creating a space in Mrs. Craw’s classroom where she feels comfortable learning and trying new things alongside her friends.

A Graduate’s Story

I have attended this school from an infant to 6th grade. I’ve learned a lot through those years. Now I am in 10th grade going into 11th and the major things that I have brought with me after leaving Trinity would be respecting/treating others well and I also brought the mentality that if you want something you must work hard and earn it. At Trinity the teachers would constantly say, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” I have never forgotten those words and because of those I have been able to make wonderful friends even though I was extremely shy and I am able to have good relationships with my teachers. I was also taught that you need to work hard to get what you want. So, in high school, primarily with the teachers I have there are no free grades. You get what you work for. So, I study before my tests and complete my work to the best of my ability. With that, I have managed to get A’s and B’s throughout the year. Trinity helped to unlock my potential which had led me to be a hard-working high school student.