Language Arts

Our Language Arts curriculum is geared towards fostering a deep, life-long love for literature. In addition, we encourage our students to think creatively and critically in order to apply written and spoken language to real-world situations. Public speaking is also an essential component of our language arts curriculum. We recently adopted myView Literacy © 2020 which provides comprehensive, explicit instruction grounded in the Science of Reading. myView allows you to teach Reading and Writing with a rich underpinning of research and rigor, as it inspires your creativity.


At Trinity, we inspire our students to be not only competent, but confident when solving mathematical equations. Our curriculum allows students to demonstrate number sense, apply mathematical operations accurately, recognize math concepts, apply algebraic thinking patterns, demonstrate knowledge of geometric concepts, measure and collect data to compare and determine probability. Our new K-5 enVision® Mathematics © 2020 is the only math program that combines problem-based learning and visual learning to deepen students’ conceptual understanding using Florida Standards. enVision is used by classrooms across the country and around the world. Now enVision is even better with over 200 new lessons, and new instructional strategies like 3-Act Math modeling tasks. We provide lessons for our diverse learners to allow for all students to feel like mathematicians!


Science comes to life at Trinity Christian School! Our students are able to inquire, discover and investigate throughout the Science curriculum. Here at Trinity we focus on the three domains: Life Science, Earth Science and Physical Science. Throughout each lesson our students are able to analyze real-world problems, understand the concept of design, and investigate various systems. They will have the opportunity to conduct and lead a variety of unique scientific experiments to develop newfound knowledge.

Social Studies

Social studies at Trinity is sure to excite every student and their unique interests. We emphasize historical thinking, project based learning, primary resource analysis, and critical thinking throughout each grade level. Students will take a journey and see the world beyond our local community. History comes to life in every classroom and enhances our students’ Trinity experience.


At Trinity Christian, we understand that language acquisition is integral to achieving the greater goal for our students to excel in a global community. Our Spanish teacher commits to ensuring our students feel confident with the language at an early age so they are able to incorporate reading and writing skills into their language acquisition and build upon what they have already learned in past lessons.


Trinity Christian School recognizes that technology is an essential component of our students’ lives. Teachers utilize ISTE and State standards to outline the technology curriculum. Technology instruction, keyboarding skills, and digital citizenship begins in Kindergarten and continues through 5th Grade. Brand new eighth generation student iPads are used in each classroom with a 1:1 student to iPad ratio. Other devices found in the classroom include 65 inch smart TV’s, Apple TV’s, and Dash robots for students to bring coding to life.